Radio Shows

cal_478x478Catholic Answers Live:  Hosted by Patrick Coffin, this is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. Trent is a regular guest on the show and hosts episodes dedicated to engaging non-Catholics in gracious dialogue. His shows cover topics like “Why are you an atheist?” “Why are you pro-choice?” and “Why are you Protestant?”

Recent Shows Featuring Trent Horn:

For more shows with Trent Horn click here.


hearts-and-minds-banner-for-webHearts and Minds: Produced in partnership with the Diocese of San Diego Bishop’s Hour and Catholic Answers, Hearts and Minds is a weekly radio show that takes on timely, cultural issues from an eternal perspective. Hosted by Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn and Catholic speaker and blogger Timmerie Millington, Hearts and Minds gives viewers practical tools and talking points for discussing current events from a Catholic perspective. Trent and Timmerie’s goal is to help listeners refute arguments that oppose the Faith and take captive every thought for Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).

One thought on “Radio Shows

  1. Joan Lacava

    Trent please consider the same argument for family planning as a responsible action by not having more children than you can responsibly handle and the unfettered taking in of foreign nationals and refugees. I see the US as very irresponsible because a government who is so indebt with too many poor already is encouraging others to perhaps become JUST many more of the same.


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