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cal_478x478Catholic Answers Live:  Hosted by Patrick Coffin, this is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. Trent is a regular guest on the show and hosts episodes dedicated to engaging non-Catholics in gracious dialogue. His shows cover topics like “Why are you an atheist?” “Why are you pro-choice?” and “Why are you Protestant?”

Recent Shows Featuring Trent Horn:

For more shows with Trent Horn click here.


hearts-and-minds-banner-for-webHearts and Minds: Produced in partnership with the Diocese of San Diego Bishop’s Hour and Catholic Answers, Hearts and Minds is a weekly radio show that takes on timely, cultural issues from an eternal perspective. Hosted by Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn and Catholic speaker and blogger Timmerie Millington, Hearts and Minds gives viewers practical tools and talking points for discussing current events from a Catholic perspective. Trent and Timmerie’s goal is to help listeners refute arguments that oppose the Faith and take captive every thought for Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).

2 thoughts on “Radio Shows

  1. Joan Lacava

    Trent please consider the same argument for family planning as a responsible action by not having more children than you can responsibly handle and the unfettered taking in of foreign nationals and refugees. I see the US as very irresponsible because a government who is so indebt with too many poor already is encouraging others to perhaps become JUST many more of the same.

  2. James R. Griffin

    Trent, I thank you for what you do!! Many of us struggling Catholics need clear and complete answers!! But as Catholic who debated the born-again Christians in bible studies while in the military I must recommend after listening to you today on Catholic Answers Live that it would be more helpful for all of us Catholic and non-Catholic Christians if you could have kept the ex-Catholic woman from Texas on the line even after the break to “fully” answer her “completely”!! She claimed that she was transformed after accepting Jesus in her heart and felt saved as many of them do! It was not answered if there is “Salvation” outside of the Roman Catholic Church. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT — because a Jesuit priest teaching theology at Jesuit High School in 1975 told me that Catholics were not the only ones to receive Salvation. This needs to be explained much more on a show called ‘Catholic Answers Live’ otherwise many including my own family in the Sacramento area are confused because they attend non Catholic Christian churches. I BELIEVE IT’S BETTER TO FULLY ANSWER SALVATION QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF TRYING TO SQUEEZE IN MORE CALLERS! ‘MOTHER MERRIAM’ ON CATHOLIC RADIO HAS THE CALLER STAY ON THE LINE TO COMPLETELY EXPLAIN THE POINT. I thank God for you and others Trent who take the time to instruct us on our Catholic faith. You must know that many Catholics were not catechized well in the 1970’s when the “are you saved” movement caused many of us to question, feeling a stirring of the heart, not to mention how some Catholic parishes and schools are lead by liberal Catholics who quite frankly make many of us want to join other sincere Christians.
    Thank God I started bringing my wife and son to a good Catholic parish St. Therese Church administered by the Carmelites! After putting my son through 8 years of Catholic school I found- out how liberal the principal, teachers, and parents really are at this Pasadena school. They did not even attend the Religious Education Congress as a teaching body at a Catholic school. Now he’s attending St. Francis High School which is more conservative than Loyola High School in downtown L.A.! Liberal Catholics seem to be running many schools and Colleges these days and I believe we need Bishops and brave priest and nuns to counter these liberal Catholic administrators!! I think God allowed the Reformation to happen in the 16th century and beyond, to provoke Catholics to read the bible, know their faith, and have a sense of conviction before receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Anyway Trent, thank you sincerely for being an Apologist and answering many questions for struggling Catholic and non Catholics.
    May God Bless You!!! James Griffin


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