2 thoughts on “Free Resources

  1. Debra

    I’m reading your book Answering Atheism because I belong to a fb page for both atheists and believers. An atheist put up a meme about your book and wondered if anyone had read it. I hadn’t and said I would and so I am now reading your book. I wasn’t convinced of your arguments for the first 12 chapters but chap.13-14 are making me think about morality in a way I’ve never thought about it before. You mention the lifeboat scenario which is one that comes up in atheist debates. I’ve even argued for objective morality and an atheist told me that we still needed morals even if they weren’t objective. I tried to counter his argument since it didn’t make sense to me but we kind of let it go after awhile but it still bothers me. Anyway, I’m still atheist but who knows what may happen in the future if your book really does convert me because I can’t counter your arguments. Thanks for giving me some meat to chew on.

  2. scott rutherford


    I have left the church as I have come to conclusion that the law was not done away with as Jesus said that he fulfilled the law which to me means that he show us how to live a God abiding life, not doing away with it.
    How could the law be fulfilled in the sense that it is not, since the 10 commandments are part of God’s law? If Jesus fulfilled the law in the sense that he did away with it then why are the 10 commandments still followed by the Church?


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