Badly Needed Update!

ImageI apologize for being absent lately from social media. Here’s a few updates about what’s been going on to catch you up:

My book is finally here! I’ve received a lot of good feedback. Along with it came a DVD and CD set that can be used in classrooms, or listened to on the road. Atheism is on the rise, and I’m humbled to be able to help others defend their views with my product. I want this book to get into as many hands as possible so more people can know and love God and his Church.

A formal debate has been scheduled between Dan Barker and me. Dan Barker was a preacher for 19 years before rejecting Christianity and becoming the co-founder of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The debate will take place in San Diego in February. It will be called “God: Supreme Being or Imaginary Friend?” More will be posted on this later.

I’ve tried scheduling debates with multiple abortionists, but none have said “yes” to the offer yet. So far the responses have generally been something along the lines of, “Abortion is just a right women have. There’s no need to debate it because it will cause more division.” . . . logic fail.

The Catholic Answers Apologetic Conference was a huge success. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many people who have been praying, supporting, and following Catholic Answers for so long. You can find all our talks at our online store if you were unable to attend.

Laura and I have had all of her family and my sister visit since moving to San Diego. Apparently all we had to do was move to a really nice city for people to want to visit us! I doubt we’d get the same response if we lived somewhere cold.

My prayers and thoughts have been going out to the citizens of Albuquerque, where my wife went to nursing school and I lived for a short period. Recently, a late-term abortion ban was rejected by voters, which will cause the loss of countless innocent lives. If someone has ever had to debone a Costco chicken and struggled, hopefully they’ll realize late-term abortion is just as difficult for the abortionist, except it’s done to a living, feeling, human being. Whoever votes against this ban had to be so seriously disconnected from logic and so attached to emotion he was willing to check his brain at the door. Please pray for this city and all those affected by abortion, especially around the holiday season.

This sums up the major things going on in life, and I look forward to sharing more on a more frequent basis.