Extreme heat vs. extreme cold

Hot-ColdTomorrow I give a speech at a pro-life conference and rally in Santa Fe, NM.  I am thrilled to address these passionate pro-life advocates, but I am not thrilled about the weather, specifically the early morning and its 14 degree temperatures.  As a kid who grew up mostly in Phoenix I am partial to warm weather, but I think there are three good reasons that it is better to live in extreme heat as opposed to extreme cold:

  1. Extreme cold brings snow and ice. It makes it dangerous to drive and difficult to clean things or even get into your car.  No such problems with heat.
  2. Extreme cold is instantly debilitating while it takes longer for extreme heat to wear a person down.
  3. Extreme cold requires lots of clothes to take on and off, which is a pain. Extreme heat just requires a hat and a tank top.

Pray that my presentation goes well and that I don’t freeze during my outdoor rally speech!